Arc System Works’ free to play BlazBlue rhythm game, Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san, Releases on iOS and Android

  • North America

Eat to the Beat of BlazBlue
Arc System Works’ releases free to play, gluttonous rhythm action game,
Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san, on iOS and Android worldwide

Once upon a time, in an unnamed Hierarchial City, a hero named Ragna the Bloodedge lost his mojo. No longer the feared, overpowered fighter that he was known to be, Ragna suffered defeat after defeat until his special attack, Dead Spike-san, decided it no longer wanted to be associated with a loser. It decided to gain strength in the only way it knew how: by eating everything in sight.

Arc System Works, developer of world-class fighting games such as the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series, is proud to present its gluttonous rhythm action game for BlazBlue. Available now world-wide in English and Japanese for iOS and Android, Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san is free to play, with additional characters, songs, and items available as DLC and to be released over time.

Rock out to the tunes of BlazBlue as you consume food flying across the screen to the beat. A total of eight tracks are available at launch with three difficulty levels:

  • Rebellion II: Ragna the Bloodedge’s Battle Song
  • Bullet Dance II: Noel Vermillion’s Battle Song
  • Catus Carnival II: Taokaka’s Battle Song
  • Reppu II:Bang Shishigami’s Battle Song
  • Queen of rose II: Rachel Alucard’s Battle Song
  • SUSANOOH II: Hakumen’s Battle Song
  • Condemnation Wings II: Tsubaki Yayoi’s Battle Song*
  • Lust SIN II: Jin Kisaragi’s Battle Song*
  • Marionette Purple II : Carl Clover’s Battle Song**
  • Plastic Night II : Relius Clover’s Battle Song**

*Condemnation Wings II and Lust SIN II can be enjoyed for free from the store
**To be released in March


About Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san
Genre: Gluttonous rhythm action
Platform: Android 4.0+ and iOS 6.0+
Google Play:
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Price: Free to play with premium characters, songs, and items

Once upon a time, in an unnnamed Hierarchial City, was Ragna and Dead Spike-san. Ragna, as hard as he fought, never seemed to win…

Dead Spike-san, witnessing defeat after defeat, had a bright idea. If he ate more, maybe he could become stronger?

Dead Spike-san and Ragna set off on an epic (?) journey.