ARCREVO at Texas Showdown

ARCREVO: Texas Showdown 2019 Results

    Things heated up like a Texas barbeque in Houston for Arc System Works’ ARCREVO World Tour. This past weekend was Texas Showdown and it featured a ton of fighting games—including BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Guilty Gear Xrd: REV2, and BlazBlue: Central Fiction. Despite the fiery competition, our champions emerged from the flames unburnt AND victorious! 


    ARCREVO at Texas Showdown


    Congratulations to our 1st place winners: Shinku (BBTAG), Teresa (GGXrdREV2), and Elyon (BBCF). The fight continues for everyone else who need points to qualify for the ARCREVO World Tour finals. Good luck!

    Scroll down to see the rankings for Texas Showdown 2019 (courtesy of Event Hubs).



    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Logo

    1. Shinku (Yang, Ruby) – 550 Points & Qualifies for ARCREVO World Tour Finals
    2. TGS|LTL (Ruby, Gordeau) – 250 Points
    3. Isorropia (Waldstein, Tager) – 190 Points
    4. Ultimox (Es, Noel) – 160 Points
    5. Elyon (Jubei, Ragna) – 130 Points
    5. Uri (Mitsuru, ν -No.13- | Orie, Mitsuru | Gordeau, ν -No.13-) – 130 Points
    7. Bace (Mitsuru, Yuzuriha) – 100 Points
    7. Flux (Mitsuru, ν -No.13- | Mitsuru, Yuzuriha) – 100 Points

    9. ZB|Laspanditas (Waldstein, Kanji)
    9. FOE|Omnix (Linne, Hyde)
    9. W2W|Rino (Carmine, Jin)
    9. Jan (Waldstein, Tager)
    13. FOE|MastaStef (Hazama, Es)
    13. HH|Vivian (Hazama, Yosuke)
    13. WG|Abegen (Yang, Tager)
    13. IronGod (ν -No.13-, Waldstein)

    GGXrdREV2 Logo


    1. Teresa (Jam) 550 Points & Qualifies for ARCREVO World Tour Finals
    2. KidViper (Johnny) – 250 Points
    3. BjornSonOfBear (Chipp) – 190 Points
    4. 1UP|PepperySplash (Venom) – 160 Points
    5. Hamad (Ky) – 130 Points
    5. Mystic (Baiken) – 130 Points
    7. Foo (Kum) – 100 Points
    7. Zenzen (Ky) – 100 Points

    9. PG|MarlinPie (I-No)
    9. AN|KizzieKay (Sin)
    9. WG|Abegen (Potemkin)
    9. LostSoul (Elphelt)
    13. Autodidact (Elphelt)
    13. Bounty (Bedman)
    13. UYU|BeautifulDude (Zato-1)
    13. TSB|Sway (Jam)


    BBCF Logo


    1. Elyon (Jubei) 550 Points & Qualifies for ARCREVO World Tour Finals
    2. MilkKaichou (Mai, Rachel) – 250 Points
    3. Uri (Litchi) – 190 Points
    4. Betadood (Ragna) – 160 Points
    5. GreekAscendedDust (Bang) – 130 Points
    5. Dramatik|Barlowe (Valkenhayn) – 130 Points
    7. UYU|BeautifulDude (Relius) – 100 Points
    7. Serpent (Kagura) – 100 Points

    9. ValkyrieKoji (Izanami)
    9. BKYD|Joker (Ragna)
    9. Candle (Bullet)
    9. /afgg/|Fist (Bang)
    13. TGS|LTL (Ragna)
    13. TGS|Clim (Azrael)
    13. 7C|DGF (Terumi)
    13. FOE|MastaStef (Nine)


    The next stop for the ARCREVO World Tour will be in Korea at FIGHTERS SPIRIT 2019 on June 15, 2019—the last stop in Asia! 


    ABOUT ARCREVO World Tour

    A globe-spanning event, ARCREVO will take place over multiple regions for the better part of a year, with the winners taking part in a grand finals event in America.

    The games that will be played at the ARCREVO World Tour are:


    The initial details of each stop are as follows:

    • Tournament Platform: PlayStation 4
    • Tournament Format: 1 on 1 Singles, Double Elimination
    • The winner of each game title will be invited to the ARCREVO 2019 Finals in America (scheduled for Fall 2019)
    • The TOP EIGHT for each game title will receive ARCREVO World Points (AWP) at each stop according to placement: 1st Place 550 Points, 2nd Place 250 Points, 3rd Place 190 Points, 4th Place 160 Points, 5th Place 130 Points, 6th Place 115 Points, 7th Place 100 Points, & 8th Place 70 Points
      • You have until the final qualifier tournament of summer 2019 to earn AWP.
      • The player with the most AWP from each region will be invited to the ARCREVO Grand Finals in America in Fall 2019.
        • Regions include:
          • North & Latin America
          • Europe
          • Japan
          • Asia
    • More details on the ARCREVO World Tour official website.


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