Code Shifter


Nintendo Switch | PlayStation 4 | Steam | Xbox One



It’s Crunch Time!

In Code Shifter, you play role of Stella, a game developer at the “Awesome Rainbow Corp” who is tasked with squashing the remaining bugs on the eve of the company’s biggest game release.

Get Help From Famous Arc System Works Characters

To deal with the situation, Stella, whips up a debug program: “Code Shifter”, that allows her digital avatar “Sera” to eradicate the issues from within. Along the way, she’ll encounter powerful bugs and anomalies but she’ll get some help from some unexpected allies each with their own special powers.


Nintendo Switch | PlayStation 4 | Steam | Xbox One


Jan 30 2020


Arc System Works

JP Publisher

Arc System Works

Everyone 10+
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Use of Tobacco


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