Mononoke Slashdown

In a peaceful town, people were living in harmony.

But one day, an evil power slowly awakens from the depths beyond the mountain ridges.

Mysterious stones are said to be seen, first in the mountain, then in the fields, and eventually in the city.

And from these stones, ghosts start apperaring successively, turning the peaceful life of the villagers into a nightmare.

Suddenly, in the forest, a swordsman’s blade shines in the night!

It is the katana of a ninja apprentice, [Kagemaru].

“Why won’t the warriors come and help the villagers…” Kagemaru already knew the answer, as the city and its castle were flooded with ghosts summoned by this evil power.

While still an apprentice, Kagemaru now stands up fearlessly to fight the ghosts.

In order to save the city and its people, he will have to face the monsters alone.


Nintendo Switch



Awesome boss encounters!

Control Kagemaru the ninja, using ninjutsu arts, kunai daggers and the katana to defeat ghosts and monsters in this 2D scrolling action game! Use a multitude of ninja magic and weapons to defeat the evil sweeping over the city.

Power Up!

Collect in-game currency and use it to buy powerful weapons, armor, ninjutsu techniques to improve Kagemaru’s chances for survival.

Hidden Secrets!

Discover secret challenges on every stage. Can you complete them all?


Nintendo Switch


Oct 31 2019




F K Digital

JP Publisher

Arc System Works

Everyone 10+
  • Fantasy Violence


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