Radio Hammer Station

A popular radio station, “Radio Hammer Station”, spreads its love of music with some the best DJs in the world. However, its true purpose is to serve as the radio station of justice, beating evil down with a ginormous hammer! The DJs at Radio Hammer Station not only broadcast groovy tunes, but they also ride the beat as they fight to protect peace.  Criminals, monsters, zombies, and perverts are no match for their rhythmic justice.



Nintendo Switch



Over 90 Tunes to Enjoy!

Additional tunes have been added since the prequel, “Radio Hammer.” Clear all three difficulties per song to complete your trophy collection.

Easy and Satisfying Controls

There are only 3 buttons you need to worry about in Radio Hammer Station. Use 2 buttons to beat up enemies to the groove, while the third button is used to receive presents and charge your FEVER Gauge. Aim for long combos and reach a high score!

Brand New Character, DJ Numi

A cool and technical DJ working for Radio Hammer Station. After hearing a rumor about monsters jumping out of video games, Numi heads to the arcades to defeat them.


Nintendo Switch


Jul 12 2018




F K Digital

  • Sexual Themes
  • Violence


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