Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late

PlatformPlayStation 3 | Steam

Release:Feb 24 2015

Genre2D Fighting

DeveloperEcole Software | French Bread

JP PublisherArc System Works

RegionEurope North America

  • Language
  • Mild Blood
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Violence


Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late offers up a peculiar cast of  unique characters to compliment its fast paced and high octane battle system. Joining the roster this go round is Merkava, a bizarre being who can alter his form, gliding with bat wings in one moment, and extending his deadly arms toward his opponents the next. Also joining is Linne, a young, seemingly innocuous girl who quickly decimates her enemies’ expectations, utilizing her sword to viciously filet would-be assailants.

16 characters in total bring not only their distinct appearances, but their own fighting style to dole out the punishment, as well!


Master all 16 characters, each with their own special abilities and moves. Under Night In-Birth offers stunning anime/comic book style visuals and explosive special attacks

Accessible to Everyone – Under Night In-Birth is made with all gamers in mind. The controls are accessible to everyone, but also advanced enough for even the most experienced fighting gamers

More than a Fighting Game – Cult-favorite developer French Bread lends its creative talents to build the world of Under Night In-Birth with a compelling, dark tale filled with stylish visuals and mind-blowing fighting

Legendary Network Mode Along with arcade versus and training modes Under Night In-Birth offers players the ability to battle with opponents from around the world.


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