ARCREVO America 2021 -CENTRAL- Results

The first event of ARCREVO America 2021 is in the books and we have our first two qualifying players for the Finals being held March 2022 in Southern California. We want to say congratulations to the two CENTRAL region qualifiers, Daze and FlashMetroid! Both players have won a Guilty Gear -STRIVE- custom art Hit Box and a place in the ARCREVO America 2021 Finals taking place March 2022 in Southern California.

Final Results:

1st — Daze (Giovanna)

2nd — FlashMetroid (Axl, Ky)

3rd — DevilChipp (Leo)

4th — JaninHTown (Potemkin)

5th — Trevward (Nagoriyuki)

6th — SQ (Ramlethal)

7th — Iamrock8 (Leo)

8th — Flare_G (Chipp)

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Day 1:

Day 2: